Author = sarvar, rahim
The Role of Urban Regeneration in Resolving Land Ownership Conflicts in Terms of Citizens (Case Study: Farahzad)

Volume 12, Issue 42, August 2020, Pages 25-38

kaveh kashefi; mohamad taghi razavian; rahim sarvar

Ranking The Most Important Indicators and Variables in urban Resilience of The Region 15 of Tehran

Volume 11, Issue 39, December 2019, Pages 1-17

foroogh FatahiVajari; Rahim Sarvar; Alireza Estelaji

Ranking of industrial development in Kurdistan province

Volume 5, شماره 1(پیاپی 13), January 0, Pages 36-44

Delphi technique in urban planning and management

Volume 2, شماره 4(پیاپی 4), January 0, Pages 165-185