Introducing the land use classification methods in Regional Planning and presentation of an appropriate pattern for Iran



Introduction: One of the significant outcomes of Regional Physical plans and In other words, one of its main documents is producing a land use map and determining the macro uses in the study area. In the Regional Physical and Spatial plans, this is generally known as the Land use Zoning map (The Uniform Contract 19). It is regarded as one of the primary results of Regional plans through which the objectives, strategies and proposal for a plan are made possible. There are several distinct methods for preparation of land use zoning map in the theoretical literature and plan preparation. But before any action, It is necessary to establish the systematic structure in lands classification. As a result, it is necessary that the planner determines land use at the region scale by establishing an accurate method to present the zoning document.
The study aims to check different land use and land cover classification systems to propose a pattern at regional and spatial scales.  
Methodology: The present research is to establish the structure and an applied research with a descriptive and analytical methodology. Therefore, the data are taken from the libraries to address the subject of research and to propose a pattern in this regard.
Conclusion: According to the global systems of classification, the Suggested classification has been done in three levels with using Alphabetic code. The most important features of this pattern is generalization, systematic and flexibility.


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