Investigating the relationship between providing cultural services of Tehran Municipality, District 8, and raising the level of awareness of citizenship rights

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master student, Department of Information Science and Knowledge, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Knowledge, Roodehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roodehen, Iran.


The concept of civil rights is necessity of human society and all governments strive to comply with it. One of the most important things that make a country desirable to its citizens is cultural services. In this regard, providing cultural services is one of the ways to increase citizens' awareness of their citizenship rights. The aim of the present study was to identify the relationship between the provision of cultural services of Tehran District 8 Municipality on raising the level of citizens' awareness of citizenship rights, which in terms of purpose is applied and in terms of information collection is field and survey. The statistical population consists of all citizens and employees of the municipality of District 8 of Tehran active in the cultural services sector. In this study, stratified random sampling method was used. Therefore, the sample size was 388 based on Morgan and Krejcie table. Two standard and researcher-made questionnaires were used to collect the required information. Two methods of descriptive and inferential statistical tests are used by SPSS software. To evaluate the overall status of the research variables from a statistically comprehensive point of view, t-sample test with hypothetical mean is used which showed that there is a significant difference (0.000) with 99% confidence and error level less than 0.001. With the difference of the statistical comprehensive mean is higher than the assumed mean (3). Finally, the results showed that the situation of municipal cultural services in District 8 of Tehran is above average and the situation of citizens' awareness of citizenship rights in the municipality of District 8 of Tehran is at an average level. Also, providing cultural services to Tehran Municipality, District 8, is related to raising the level of awareness of citizenship rights.


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