Estimation of Willingness to Pay for Conservation Of cities green spaces: contingent valuation method

Document Type : Research Paper



The Present study is conducted for estimation of social value of Isfahan environment (Sofe Mountaineer Park as a case study) by conditional valuation method. In addition, it is specified influential factors on visitors’ willingness to pay for the park. Economical valuation of tourism centers is used by managers of the centers as effective managerial means for deciding on programming expansion plans. The purpose of the present study is estimation of the value of Sofe Mountaineer Park and identification of effective factors on people willingness to pay in a conditional valuation method. Data was collected by selecting random samples of 300 people of visitors, by dual dimensional selection questionnaire. Results of Logit analysis, including variables of income, age, study, park quality, liking environment, have a positive significant effect on estimation of people willingness; and average payment willingness of family per month was 219/1959 tomans that by considering 3 million visitors and average number of 3.8 people for every family, total amount of money of the total social value of Sofe Mountaineer Park was 1.546.751.842 annually.