The role of Information Technology in Regional Development(Case study: Lorestan Province)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. student in Geography and Urban Planning, Azad Malayer University

2 Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Islamic Azad University, Malayer Branch, Iran.

3 Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Islamic Azad University, Malayer Branch, Iran.


Technology evolves rapidly; But changes in social institutions are slow and the result of this is creating a gap between the systems of the society. Khorramabad city, which has major urban issues in sectors such as transportation, urban environment and urban services. The aim of the research was to investigate the impact of the role of information technology in regional development in Lorestan province. The purpose of the research method is practical and descriptive-analytical and survey in nature, and the data was collected by documentary and field method (questionnaire). The statistical population of the research was 384 citizens and 20 specialists, urban affairs experts and university professors related to the subject, who were selected by simple random sampling. In order to determine the validity, the questionnaire was given to professors and experts, and some items were modified with their opinion and its content validity was confirmed. The reliability of the research tool (questionnaire) was evaluated with SPSS software and Cronbach's alpha test was equal to 0.886; This value is suitable for research tools. Data analysis was done using AHP hierarchical process. Based on the method of analysis, infrastructure, access, socio-cultural and economic dimensions are examined and analyzed.


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