Determination of training components in present situation of Tehran subway

Document Type : Research Paper


Introduction and Objective of research:  According to Metro importance not only as a means of public transportation, but as a public place, need for research on educational and cultural issues are identified. Processing to educational aspects is one of the gaps that are strongly felt because the subway system is new in our country. Objectives of the study include:

Determination of present situation of educational – social components of Tehran subway
Determination of present situation of educational – hygienic components of Tehran subway
Determination of present situation of educational – cultural components of Tehran subway

Research methods:Three dimensions, social dimension, hygienic dimension and cultural dimension, were selected as learning dimensions. The research was conducted through questionnaire including 32 items and was distributed between statistical population of 420 persons from north, south, east and west parts of the city, and also 30 persons from experts in social and cultural fields randomly.
Finding:The studies reveal that from the citizens' point of view, at the present situation, except the religion individuality fortifying, the other trainings are on the level lower than average. While at the beneficial situation the items were at a level higher than average except one. The healthcare and the previsions of diseases ways were determined as the highest one. From the citizens' point of view, this indicates the need to training in metro. From the experts' point of view in the current situation, 16 items out of 32 were in the average level and other items were lower than average and the highest one was fortifying religious individuality.
Results:According to what was stated, education in subway placed at a higher level from the experts' point of view compared to citizens’ idea. This indicates that there are many educational activities that took place in Tehran metro, but the crowds and over hastiness lead to citizens are not paying sufficient attention to this educational activities, but experts have complete information due to the nature of their job. So this research could be a guide for experts to improve education in Tehran metro.