Assessment of municipality function base on the urban good governance

Document Type : Research Paper


Introduction and purpose:  City good management is one of the most important things in urban sustainable development. Due to the rapid growing urban population and to control resources and material and spiritual capital and municipality optimal performance, it is necessary to engage all citizens and elites. Experience has shown that in centralized societies with mono-decision vision, bring a lot of trouble. Elite participation and citizens monitoring, increase management efficiency. Achieve urban good governance model and indicators for urban good governance in YASUJ is the main purpose of this research.
Method: Methods of this paper are descriptive, analytical and field survey. Data collected by questionnaire. The hypothesis is that the three components include participation, accountability and efficiency in YASUJ not the appropriate level and there is a significant difference between the educated people and other citizens' opinions. The assumptions of this paper were tested with ANOVA and LSD methods. Finally the information displayed on the map with GIS software.
Results: Based on the findings of paper the participation (with -0.0237 mean score) and efficiency (with -0.032 mean score) in YASUJ are lower level of average but responsibility indicator (with 0.0257 mean score) is in YASUJ is apex level of average.
Conclusion: Base on the result of paper participation and efficiency are in YASUJ are lower level of average and responsibility indicator is apex level of average so the hypothesis number one and three approved but hypothesis number two it`s not