The role of social capital in social crisis management Iranian metropolis (Case study in Rasht city)

Document Type : Research Paper


ntroduction: In this study of six major components of social capital
include social trust, social participation, social protection, social
solidarity, sense of security, life value, and for social crisis management
of the variable, prevention, preparedness, response and reconstruction
was used.
Method: This research, of objective standpoint, practical and method
standpoint is the correlation description to determine the correlation
between citizens' social capital and social crisis management and of
Rasht metropolis offers. Statistical society of men and women is 20 to
60 years in Rasht. Each of the indices was assessed using a
questionnaire developed. Information collected after the initial
classification using the software SPSS, descriptive and inferential
statistics were analyzed. Test to determine the relationship between the
variables of to examine K-square and the relationship score of the index
tau - b Kendall, as well as interactions between variables resarch and
variables personal detaile way analysis of mutual variance was used.
Results: The analysts suggest the results of the research questions and
hypotheses were between the social crisis management and social
capital of Rasht metropolis there is a significant relationship whatever
the level of citizens' social capital as more will be added and social
crisis management as well as more will be added. Therefore, in order to
reduce the costs of economic, social, cultural, social crisis, metropolis
in Iran The results of this research is to be cited and used in all levels of
urban management.