Locate suitable sites for burial of solid waste management strategies in using Gis (case of study: shooshtar)

Document Type : Research Paper



Waste production, including problems of urban management is today one of the major problems of big cities into Has been. In this study, geographical information systems for optimal positioning and management buried urban waste have been used. For this purpose 20 layers of information involved in the positioning buried in GIS environment prepared on the layer processing was done and then using AHP, weight through the matrix compared to a couple practices and by the two models of Boolean and fuzzy layers with The final compilation and analysis carried out and appropriate areas of extraction and analysis has been selected points. Study results show that the selected points from a place of highest priority are to bury. Two points due to lack of appropriate follow rock, high groundwater levels, high erodability for burial have not been a priority. Finally ¬ selected location compared with the current location and then determine the appropriate place in the city Shooshtar is presented and management strategies.