Waste Separation & Its Role in Increasing the Recycling Process

Document Type : Research Paper


The daily increase of urban population in Tehran, along with the creation of new populated centers, the lack or weakness of policy-making and the evaluation of various urban functions and activities based on comprehensive and large-scale national plan, the change of consumption patterns and the continuity of waste discharge of the urban environment are the factors that create crisis which has caused after-crisis and has put to various risks many natural environments and the quality of health in humans; also, it has caused the discard of over 7000 tons of waste material. The discards are consisted of valuable metals, useable glass dishes, paper, recyclable plastic, pet, food waste and etc which are rich in nutrients. Among these useful waste materials, substances such as mercury in batteries, cadmium of fluorescent bulbs, toxic chemical cleaners also exist. Separating the bad waste materials from the good ones extremely helps in keeping the environment and human life healthy and helps the society to save more money. Today's urban management professionals have decided to find a way which helps people save more money and at the same time protect the environment and human health. This article states the importance and necessity of the waste separation plan and illustrates the problems caused by the unsuccessful implementation of the project and mentions the strategies which help the better implement of optimal plan coverage.