The role of municipalities in promoting ethical citizenship (municipality 17Thran(

Document Type : Research Paper



Introduction and research purpose: the present research was drawn up in five chapters under title of “role of municipality in the promotion of citizenship morality”.
The most important issues which should be followed is this question: the municipality plans including (training, services, advertising, information and management methods) and its execution in the various regions and Tehran districts to what extent are effective in promotion of the level of the citizens morality? The factor of citizenship morality is given from the various items including (civil laws, tradition and religious factors).  
For achieving these purposes and questions we fulfilled to identify the meaning of the citizenship morality in Iran and in the world and study of the theoretical principles research and we expressed ideas and the points of view of the scientists of the Different historical periods and the different doctrines. 
Method: In order to execution of the research it has considered four hypotheses by using of field methods and questionnaire technique with 45 questions which is distributed among 384 persons in Tehran in municipality of District 17.
Results:More than half of the people, who were studied on them, mentioned their satisfaction from municipality plans. The range of satisfaction from municipality educational planning is 66.5% which has the most range of satisfaction among the others planning; service methods 66.3% ; advertising methods and information 56.4%; management methods 59.9%.
 Conclusion: These municipality planning promote the functions and effectiveness of the municipality and citizenship morality. In municipality of District 17, in men’s opinion the educational, advertising and management planning is more effective in compare with women’s opinion and in contrast, in women’s opinion the service methods is more effective in compare with men’s opinion. 
Finally with the proposition of presentation of comprehensive prove for promotion of citizen morality and according to the various opinions and presented theories in the form of induction of citizenship morality a comprehensive plan shall be required.