Analysis of citizen participation in community management Case Study: Jamaran Neighborhood

Document Type : Research Paper



Introduction and purpose of research: The most important factor involved in the local community and effective urban management is to achieve sustainable development. In the development, people must be seen; be given the opportunity to participate which could take the path of development. In the present study, Participation in the management of the neighborhood's residents Jamaran authors analyzed are And strategies to attract people's participation in community management are proposed
Methods: This descriptive-analytic study and application-development is the goal. Two methods of data collection and library survey questionnaire was conducted. The sample size was based on Cochran formula, 360 patients were selected.
Findings: The rate of participation in the management of neighborhood resident’s Jamaran, at a low level; While Willingness to participate in a high level. Among those who contribute more than 50 percent of the Advisory Physical and economic participation and contributions are allocated to the lowest level. Between social variables and participation in neighborhood management, a significant positive correlation was obtained this means that the increase in social variables, turnout will increase.
Conclusion: The development of community-based people's participation. Infrastructure necessary to participate in the management of neighborhood residents in the Jamaran to come, the residents who are interested in participating and that seems to be the obvious potential of local communities especially in terms of participation used. Guidelines in this regard should be provided That people have the ability to participate and neighborhood management in particular those not and all the people involved in neighborhood management.