Comparative study of Urban Management and Normative Autonomy of Local Governments (Case study: Hungry, Austria, Turkey, German, Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper



Introduction and Objective: the investigation of civil management and normative autonomy in the world is an effort to introduce the patterns, structure and duties of local entities and different countries in the framework of constitution and political regime in these countries. This can be treated as a gate to modeling the global experiences. In this research, as well as the presentation of political classification of countries, five countries and the governing structures of administration and the position of civil management in these countries are addresses.
Method: documentary studies have been used in development of this research. In fact, the instances of documentary investigation of this research are the subjects, duty division and structure differentiation, and rule and responsibility definition in various levels of sample countries, as well as analysis of basic laws and provisions.
Findings: In all countries studied, relatively local affairs and urban management in the form of a specific and relatively independent, and the role of local and national affairs are separated. So that the central government has fully recognized In the definition of local government administration in the country, municipalities are considered the foundation of the system and the local administration have relative independence But this independence is so far not in violation of the constitutions and laws of the country.
Conclusion: investigating the status of creation and establishment of local entities for administrating cities from the legal and legal foundations show that in the constitution of most of the countries there are certain chapters or articles which address the status of local entities. The common aspects of exploring the constitution of studied countries on local entities are macro fundamentals of the method of creation and administrative structure of these countries, as well as the necessity of governing their creation in the form of predefined ratings.


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