Participative Citizen and its role in urban management(A Case Study of Ilam)

Document Type : Research Paper



If we want shared in development of today's cities and regard the share future generations of the resources we have wisely managed cities based on participatory urban planning and informed participation of citizens in the definition and planning. Participation of citizens in decision-making and close them as soon as possible with authorities and experts, and access to In accordance with the wishes and needs and characteristics of social and economic living conditions through participatory in citizen process is possible. Now days, the participation of citizens in Iran, in an decieve and is the maximum nformed and consulted (Khademolhosseini, 1391, 1) the overall aim of this article participatory role of citizens in urban management in the city of Ilam is On the basis of documents and field data collection questionnaire and applied research-development. For data analysis software is used spss Statistical methods used in this research were Kendal, multivariate regression. According to the results of the study, the participation of citizens in limite is low to moderate