Guide for Authors

Dear readers! If you want to publish your articles in this journal, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points to speed up the process of publishing the article. 1) Send a written request in which the title of the article and the name of the author (or authors) are specified and approved by each of them. 2) One of the authors of each article should be identified as the Corresponding Author so that the correspondence of the journal can be done only through them and can be informed to others. 3) The content of the article should be appropriate to the objectives of the publication (it is up to the editorial board to determine this). 4) The editorial board of the journal is free to accept or reject as well as delete or correct the received articles. 5) The original of all submitted articles (in case of approval or rejection of the article) is kept in the archive of the journal, so the received articles will not be returned in any way.


6) Due to the policies of the editorial board, the journal is exempt from reviewing and publishing translated articles.

7) Considering the cost and time to follow the process of accepting articles, if the author of the article intends to cancel after registering and uploading the article on the journal site. Only if the editorial board accepts and after the author pays a fine, it will be possible to cancel the article. Therefore, please make sure before registering and submitting articles. Also, if the status of the article is in the final acceptance mode and then the author intends to cancel, this is not possible and the article will be published in the journal.

8) The inclusion of articles in the journal does not mean the approval of its content by the editorial board of the journal, so the responsibility for the accuracy of the content of each article lies with the author or authors.

9) Articles related to the doctoral dissertation will be published only as a joint article with the supervisor. Therefore, it is necessary for these dear ones, under the title of the authors of the article, to first mention the name of the supervisor and then their name, and to submit their written request for publication of the article in the journal to the approval of the supervisor. 10) The original article should be typed on one side of the paper 21.5 cm (A4) with a margin of 2.5 on all four sides, and the distance between the lines is 1 cm from each other and all pages of the article are numbered consecutively and in three copies ( Full version) to be prepared and sent. 11) The volume of the article should not exceed 20 pages. 12) The composition and spelling of the article should be correct, fluent and smooth, and the grammatical points should be observed in writing it. 13) The maximum number of authors in an article is 3.


14) In this publication, in order to unify the procedure in the reference method, the in-text reference method of Kit Torabian has been used. For a complete introduction to this method, see the Writing Guide for Authors: Master's and Ph.D. Torabian, translated by Gholam Hossein Tasbihi (Tabriz University Press). For the general acquaintance of esteemed authors, generalities of this method are provided.